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Diffusers are devices that are installed at the end of air ducts or vents to evenly distribute conditioned air into a space. They are designed to create a laminar flow pattern, ensuring that air is dispersed in a controlled and gentle manner.

Square Ceiling Diffuser

Square ceiling diffusers are designed to distribute conditioned air throughout a room evenly. These diffusers are typically installed in the ceiling and come in various sizes to match the room's requirements. These diffusers consist of a square frame with fixed blades to control the direction and volume of airflow. The diffusers are typically mounted in the ceiling and connect to the HVAC system via ductwork.

Round Ceiling Diffuser

Round ceiling diffusers are similar to square diffusers but are circular in shape. They are designed to be installed in ceilings and distribute conditioned air throughout a room. It consist of a circular or round-shaped frame, with a series of blades which direct the air flow in different directions. The diffuser is connected to the HVAC system via ductwork and can be adjusted to regulate the volume and air flow.

Linear Slot

Linear slot diffusers are designed to distribute air evenly over a large area, such as a long room or hallway. These diffusers have long, narrow slots that allow for a more significant amount of air to pass through. One of the benefits of linear slot diffusers is that they offer a high degree of flexibility in air distribution. The direction of the air flow can be adjusted by changing the position of the blades.                                         

Flangeless Flow bar Diffuser

Flangeless flow bar diffusers are designed to blend seamlessly into the ceiling, creating a sleek and modern appearance. These diffusers have a unique design that allows them to distribute air evenly without creating noticeable drafts. Invisible flow bar diffusers are named as such because they are designed to be hidden or concealed within the ceiling or wall, creating a seamless and pleasing appearance.
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