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Louvers are similar to grilles but they differ in having fixed blades that permit the passage of air while serving as a barrier against unwanted elements like water, sand, and other debris. Their design prevents these substances from entering the conditioned space, ensuring a clean and controlled airflow.

Fresh/Exhaust Air Louver

Fresh/exhaust air louvers are a type of ventilation equipment commonly used in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. These Louvers are designed to provide fresh air intake/ exhaust air extraction for buildings, while preventing the entry of rain, snow, and debris. It consist of a frame with angled blades/ louvers that allow air to pass through while blocking unwanted elements.

Sand Trap

Sand Trap Louvers are designed to prevent the entry of sand, dust and water particles from the outside air into the building's ventilation system. They are commonly used in areas with high levels of airborne debris, such as deserts or construction sites. Sand trap louvers consist of a frame with Equally spaced blades that allow air to pass through while trapping sand and dust particles in a chamber below the blades.

High Efficiency Sand Trap Louver

High Efficiency Sand Trap Louvers are designed to provide greater filtration efficiency with less pressure drop than the conventional sand trap louvers for a particular size. They are often used in healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other environments where air quality is critical. Use advanced design features such as smaller blade spacing, angled louvers, and multiple baffle chambers.

Gravity Shutter

Gravity Shutters are used to control the flow of air into and out of a space. These are typically installed on the exterior of a building and are designed to open and close automatically based on changes in air pressure. Consist of a series of blades that are hanged at the top by means of an Aluminum pipe and brass bush and allowed to swing freely. When air flows through the duct, it pushes the blades open.
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